Patient-centered medicine

We want to create a partnership between patients, their families and our healthcare professionals. For us, there is a real complementarity between the expertise of the professionals and the life experience of the patient. By understanding this experience and listening to the patient, we aim to put in place appropriate and coherent therapeutic follow-up.

By placing the patient at the centre, we also recognise the importance of his or her subjective experience of the disease and the treatment. We understand that the patient's personal experiences, emotions and perceptions are crucial elements to be taken into account in their healing journey. By actively listening to their concerns and taking their experiences into account, we can not only improve their satisfaction with care, but also foster a relationship of mutual trust, which is fundamental to a successful therapeutic partnership.

Our Values

We put the expertise of our professionals at the service of our patients to ensure they receive appropriate care.

We place great importance on actively listening to patients to build a close, long-term relationship.

We cultivate a strong team spirit so that we can pool all our skills for the benefit of the patient.

We create a climate of trust through intense communication between patient and practitioner and between our various professionals.

We practise cutting-edge, creative and innovative medicine in our various areas of care.

The project

The founders, two doctors motivated by a shared passion for patient-centred medicine and the well-being of medical staff, decided to embark on an ambitious project: the creation of the Centre Médical du Lac.

The Centre Médical du Lac will open its doors in January 2023, with the main aim of offering patients comprehensive and specialised care, while guaranteeing a dynamic and serene atmosphere for the medical team. The main aim is to create an environment in which medical practice flourishes in harmony, encouraging innovation and the development of new ideas.

The Centre Médical du Lac proposes to bring together some of the main branches of medicine, as well as general internal medicine, and embodies the vision of its two founders, who wish to place the patient and the medical staff at the centre of their activity. By combining their strengths and skills, they intend to make their centre a place of medical excellence and professional fulfilment.

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