Dr. Philippe Musso

Dr. Philippe Musso

Dr. Philippe Musso is a Swiss doctor who graduated in 2015 from the Faculty of Geneva. He has a double FMH in internal medicine as well as cardiology.

He first began his training in internal medicine at the Bienne hospital center, then at the HUG, where he also completed his thesis in the field of heart failure. Since 2020, he began his training in cardiology at the Insel Spital in Bern, a reference center in Switzerland for the management of cardiovascular diseases, and is now head of clinic there.

He has a particular interest in sports cardiology, for which he obtained a university degree at the Sorbonne faculty in Paris. He also holds a European diploma in cardiac stimulation (EHRA certification).

Passionate about sport, he regularly practices tennis and windsurfing.

Dr. Musso begins his collaboration in January 2024 at the Center Médical du Lac, whose values ​​he shares, as an independent cardiologist in addition to his activity as head of clinic at the Insel Spital.


French, English and German.