Dr. Liz Coronado

Dr. Liz Coronado

Dr. Coronado obtained her medical degree in Colombia. She has the benefit of post-graduate training in Internal Medicine which she completed notably in Valais and at the CHUV.

Subsequently, she specialized in Pneumology and obtained her FMH title in Pneumology as well as the European ERS diploma in 2019-2022. Her training was carried out at the CHUV between 2016 and 2018. She was also able to work at the Rolle Hospital as Head of Clinic for 2 years and 2 years at the Tour hospital in the hospital, endoscopic and outpatient pulmonology department.

She was also able to train at the CHUV Sleep Center and is part of the CENAS sleep team in Geneva. At the same time, she obtained her accreditation at the Clinique de Genolier and at the Tour hospital in Geneva in the cardio-respiratory department as an Approved Pulmonologist.

As part of her training, Dr. Coronado was able to improve in the different areas of pulmonology, including the management of ventilated patients, obstructive pulmonary diseases (asthma, and COPD), dysfunctional breathing, exercise bronchospasm and including high-level athletes, hyperventilation syndrome, aberrant post-COVID-19 breathing, sleep-disordered breathing, as well as rarer diseases (interstitial lung disease, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, lung transplantation).


French, English and Spanish.