Dr. Javier Torralvo

Dr. Javier Torralvo
General Internal Medicine

Dr. Torralvo, after completing his medical studies in 2004 at the “Universidad del Norte” in Barranquilla, Colombia, left his native country to complete postgraduate training in Switzerland.

He began his career in the psychiatry department of the University Hospitals of Geneva before moving to the canton of Valais. He worked for several years in the field of psychiatry and psychogeriatrics before training in internal medicine, first as an assistant physician and then as head of clinic in Valais hospitals. He obtained the title of FMH specialist in internal medicine in 2014.

With his hospital experience in internal medicine and passionate about the care of oncological patients, Dr Torralvo returned to Geneva where he perfected his knowledge and skills in the oncology department of HUG before obtaining the FMH title of specialist in oncology in 2020.

Dr. Torralvo is an approved physician at the Genolier Clinic and a consultant physician to the oncology department of the Geneva University Hospitals.

He will join the Centre Médical du Lac team in June 2023 in order to be able to get closer and thus create a close link with the population of the Coast region. He divides his free time between his family and his passions which are travel and music.


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